Our Mission

Our overall aim was to create a space within Harley Village in which its residents can socialise, learn and create a community. Whilst researching the history of our eighteenth-century home we discovered that the Mission Rooms don’t belong to just one person, they infact belong to the people of Harley. An ethos that we kept at the forefront of our aims, developing a programme that focuses on our two main target audiences.

The Elderly: A huge number of our residents are elderly people that physically cannot travel to larger hubs such as in Rotherham or Sheffield, they need local community activities where they can be physically and mentally active to avoid social isolation and the related mental health conditions.

The Youth: The only social space within the village was a pub which meant that the youth of our village had nowhere to congregate socially or seek activities complimentary to their studies. By creating the safe space, we hope to encourage a fun and productive environment for the youth of the village with our new youth club and support of the South Yorkshire Police.

We want to enhance the quality of life for village residents and all those who will use it, whether it be mother and toddlers, teenagers, parents, grandparents, the list is endless.

We are creating many groups to improve and help with physical problems, education, communication skills, socialisation and overall reducing isolation.

We would like to thank all our sponsors and everyone who has helped and supported us to this stage, including our dear friend Wendy Cooper who sadly passed away before completion.